Hello world!

Hi! I figured I would introduce myself before I move forward with this journey! My name is Natasha, but my friends call me Asha. I’ve been in love with all things fashion for as long as I can remember. Although needless to say, I wasn’t always all that good a it! My love for shoes especially grew faster then everything else! I’ve always been pretty short, although now I’m reaching more average height, so I compensated for it with heels. I learned back when I was in grade seven how to walk in heels and haven’t looked back ever since!

A few of my other hobbies include acting, modeling, hiking, and crafting! Basically ever since I was a kid I was put in acting classes. Let’s just say I was a super dramatic kid! Since then I’ve been pursuing that dream, and along the way, am attempting to pick up modeling! As for the hiking, I come from the beautiful west coast of Canada, so it would just be a crime not to! I may or may not post photos of that on here, but the photos may make an appearance on my Instagram! @_asha.rose_ . And lastly, CRAFTING! I mostly enjoying making jewelry, but I also love to knit! Those will definitely make an appearance eventually, so I hope you enjoy those things!

Finally, a bunch of random facts:

  • I’m 21
  • I went to college for all of a semester for acting for stage and screen
  • I work as a PA in the film industry and as a brand ambassador
  • I want to work at Sephora and a bar/club
  • I LOVED working in retail
  • I want to create my own online store
  • I want to actually get payed to act!


And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me, I’d love to learn about you! Leave me a comment below about yourself and your blog or youtube channel if you have them!

xoxo, Asha Rose

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